What’s in Your Wallet? Savings on Electricity Bills.

This morning we announced our partnership with Capital One, including a $100 million investment to allow more homeowners the opportunity to pay less for solar electricity than they pay for utility bills.

Capital One offers a wide array of financial products to everyone from individual consumers to commercial clients, and its entry into the renewable sector is a great sign that our industry is maturing.

This partnership is the latest in a series of developments that indicate that solar power is hitting the mainstream. More and more, different types of investors are becoming comfortable with renewable energy as an asset class. From big banks to multinational tech corporations – even Mr. Buffett is banking on solar as a viable investment. It’s no surprise that a financial service company as progressive as Capital One, who’s credited with revolutionizing the credit card industry in the 1990s, would join the pack of pioneers backing this emerging asset class.

The best part? Now, thanks to Capital One, when we ask our customers “what’s in your wallet?”, thousands more can say “all the money I saved on electricity bills by going solar”.

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