What’s in a 3GWh Day?

What did you do last weekend? We – and if you’re one of our customers, this includes you – hit 3GWh of solar generation!

Electric Meter Runs Backwards on Make A Gif3GWh, or gigawatt-hours, breaks down to 3 thousand MWh (megawatt- hours). Take it one unit smaller, and you’ve got 3 million kWh (kilowatt-hours).

Second only to terawatts, gigawatt-hours are typically used to express the energy consumption of states or nations. That level of consumption is comprised of large businesses and communities whose consumption is best measured in megawatt hours, and homes or small businesses, which consume energy in kilowatt hours. Consider the average U.S. home consumes 12,069 kWh of electricity a year, an average of 33 kilowatt-hours per day – and you’ve got the perspective you need to digest our latest 3GWh milestone. On Sunday our solar systems generated enough energy in a single day to power the 90,000 homes that lost power in metro Atlanta in the early morning hours following the major ice storm that hit that area in February

Now that’s what we call a productive day.

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