Stay Current: Our Top Solar Links


We’re all about saving you energy, so we’ve rounded up the latest in solar so you don’t have to.

Sure, you don’t necessarily think of it as the land of sunshine, but solar power in the UK almost doubled in 2014, The Guardian reports.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post investigates what they call ‘the best idea in a long time’: covering parking lots with solar panels.

Scientists say a new-generation of solar panels will be even more efficient and cost less, Reuters reports.

And just when you were basking in all this progress, The Guardian weighs in with a study that many Americans reject evolution, deny climate change and find GM food unsafe.

Meanwhile, climate change, which many apparently don’t even believe in, could mean massive dead zones in the ocean, The Verge says.

Here’s why you should pay attention to solar energy legislation in Indiana, an interesting look at the fight over solar on a state level by The Indianapolis Star.

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