Stay Current: Our Top Solar Links


We know you’re busy. Here’s your Matrix-style upload of the latest happenings in all things solar related.

The Big Takeover: renewable energy accounted for all new power in America during July. (CleanTechnica)

Hedge funds profit on the backs of ratepayers when electricity prices spike. (New York Times

A warming climate means higher alcohol levels in wine. We’ll probably need it. (The Guardian)

A plea to the other 49 states: don’t go the way of Ohio when assessing your renewable energy policy. (Boston Globe

One of the grand homes of the Gilded Age gets a green makeover, complete with classy solar bling. (NY Times)

Our products don’t do this: Duke Energy spilled at least 5,000 gallons of diesel into the Ohio River on Monday. (Climate Progress)

Artists address the emotional side of climate change. (Brain Pickings)

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