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We’re all about saving you energy, so we’ve rounded up the latest in solar so you don’t have to. 

New reports are out on the surge in solar power globally and in the U.S.: The Guardian covers the record worldwide boost in new solar power that continues massive industry growthand Fortune notes that it was a record quarter for solar panels on home roofs in the U.S.

Australia, too, is in the mix with this report from Yale Environment 360, that notes despite cuts to government solar energy incentives, solar power continues to grow in the country where – already – one in five homes is powered by the sun.

Meanwhile, the world’s biggest floating solar power station has been launched in Japan, according to The Japan Times.

Bloomberg Business takes a deep look at Solar Impulse 2, an ultralight aircraft that has solar-paneled wings stretching wider than a Boeing 747 and is about to cross the Pacific Ocean in what looks to be a record-setting flight. The aircraft’s success may impact commercial aviation, Bloomberg reports.

Amazon will buy solar energy for its cloud, after its customers became more vocal about wanting clean energy to power their services, says Fortune.

Finally, a tale on how one public library had to pay only $1 to install solar panels in West Virginia thanks to an initiative spearheaded by a social venture firm that invests in solar for nonprofits in that state. Yes! Magazine has the details.

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