Stay current: the week’s best solar links


We’ve rounded up our top reads of the week about solar and the future of the energy — so you can stay current.

-The pioneering solar-powered airplane “Solar Impulse 2” made a historic landing in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, completing its round-the-world journey. Powered by 17,000 solar cells, the aircraft flew more than 40,000 kilometers without burning a single drop of fossil fuel. (The Guardian / Damian Carrington)

-A new statistic highlights the urgency of tackling global warming pollution: the Greenland ice sheet lost a staggering 1 trillion tons of ice between 2011 and 2014, fueling an increasingly large contribution to sea-level rise. (Washington Post / Chelsea Harvey)

-The accelerating trend in sea-level rise poses a threat to the U.S. military. A new study finds that 18 military installations on the East and Gulf Coast are at risk of extensive tidal flooding in the coming decades. To their credit, the Pentagon is tackling the root cause of the problem by deploying clean energy resources that curb global warming. (International Business Times / Kukil Bora; US Department of Defense)

-Washington D.C. this week passed legislation to source at least half of its electricity from renewables within the next 15 years. Positioning itself as one of the nation’s clean energy leaders, the city also pledged to install solar on 100,000 low-income homes by 2032. (PV Magazine / Christian Roselund)

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