Stay current: the week’s best solar links


We’ve rounded up our top reads of the week about solar and the future of the energy — so you can stay current.

-The Solar Impulse 2, a solar-powered plane, has completed its historic crossing of the Pacific Ocean, landing in California on Sunday after a 62-hour flight from Hawaii. The plane, piloted by André Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard, is attempting to complete the first circumnavigation of the Earth using only solar power. (Vox Energy & Environment | Libby Nelson)

-As summer arrives, thoughts are turning towards days at the beach, even in the world of solar power research! Ocean-based solar power could join offshore wind farms in the future, as engineers are developing a platform that could hold large solar installations and ride out heavy seas. (Gizmag | David Szondy)

-The City That Never Sleeps certainly isn’t sleeping through the renewable energy transition. New York City has tripled its installed solar power since 2014 and just launched a program to add almost 5 times its current installed solar capacity in the city. The new solar power will be a mix of public and privately-owned solar. (Utility Dive | Herman K. Trabish)

-Prince, who sadly passed away last week, changed the world of music. He also brought about change through his staunch support of solar power in Oakland, California as one of his many charitable endeavors. (SFGate | Katie Dowd)

-Railroad cars are useful for storing and transporting goods all over the country, but what if they could store energy too? A California-based startup has developed that idea into a functioning energy storage technology, using railroad cars running downhill to turn an electricity-producing motor. (Utility Dive | Peter Maloney)

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