SolarCity and Nest team up to help you save more on your energy bill


Imagine an existence straight out of science fiction: your home has a “brain” of its own.

It works tirelessly to manage your energy consumption. It knows your temperature preferences, keeps track of your personal schedule and can program itself. When you leave for work on a hot summer day your AC automatically turns itself down, and when you return hours later your home has been pre-cooled to a comfortable 70 degrees by solar power, saving you money, saving the planet, and making your life easier.

This morning we announced we’re collaborating with Nest to turn this vision into a reality. SolarCity will work with Nest to develop ways for solar customers to maximize their energy savings so that one day, SolarCity can regulate the home’s air conditioner, pool pump and other appliances based on the availability of inexpensive, clean solar power.

As we work together on future integration, we’re celebrating the partnership in the here and now. Starting this summer we’re giving away 10,000 Nest Learning Thermostats to select, new SolarCity customers in California.

Want to learn more about SolarCity and Nest’s collaboration? Get details on the offer here.

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