Shop summer sales now to make next summer cool and fun

Running low on pool floats? Now’s the time to stock up.  Image credit: David Goehring via CC.

Another summer is drawing to a close. Labor Day is upon us. Kids are heading back to school. The daylight hours are getting noticeably fewer. The sights and sounds of fall sports have started to fill the air.

It’s about time to stick the proverbial fork in another summer, right?

Well, before you do, it might be worth your while to go on one last shopping trip with a Midsummer mindset. This is a great time of year to save on both small and big-ticket items that can help you stay cool and have fun next summer…and for many summers to come.

As you hit the stores, look for summer deals and sales on the following:

Air conditioners and fans

The time of year most Americans stop thinking about cooling their home is usually a good time to buy a new air conditioner or fan. As demand drops, so do prices. But get to stores sooner than later to make sure you have a good selection on their sale items.

Swimsuits, sandals and short-sleeved shirts

Look for big sales on summer clothing. Stores are motivated to move this season’s stock to avoid selling it at a loss to discount chains.

Patio furniture

Ready to upgrade from those stackable plastic chairs? Retailers have been known to discount patio furniture up to 90 percent at the end of summer.


Dedicated grill masters (you know who you are) won’t let a little cold weather put a damper on their craft. Most stores, however, seem to associate barbecuing solely with summer. So, they put charcoal grills on sale around Labor Day, while holding out a little longer—think December—on more expensive gas grills.


This is a great time to buy any kind of bicycle—from a high-end carbon-fiber racing machine, to a hybrid, to a starter bike for your kid. Bike shops are looking to sell their current year’s stock to make way for next year’s models, which typically arrive in late fall.

Mowers and outdoor tools

Ok, yardwork is often neither “cool” nor “fun.” But, keeping the grass cut and the flowerbeds weeded can help you enjoy your yard even more, right? And this is a great time to score summer deals on the equipment you need to get the job done. Home improvement and hardware stores need to free up floor space for things like shovels, snow throwers and leaf blowers. That means mowers, trimmers and other tools can see summer discounts of up to 40 percent.

Trees and shrubs

Garden centers and home stores are hoping to get rid of summer inventory as the gardening and landscaping season winds down. Look for big discounts and “BOGO” deals. Just make sure, of course, that whatever you buy will survive its first winter as a new planting.

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