Our New Partnership with Honda

Fuel efficiency shouldn’t end when you park your car in the garage. Today we’re happy to unveil a new partnership with Honda.

We’ve teamed up with the popular automaker to create a $65 million investment fund to offer millions of Honda and Acura drivers a special offer to switch to clean solar energy and get a new, lower monthly energy bill.

The conversations between our companies that led to this day started because of two specific Honda models, the Fit EV and Accord Plug-in Hybrid. Discussions about how to charge Honda’s with electric power stations quickly broadened into a conversation about clean energy, which both companies have been addressing from different angles.

Through this fund, we’ll help current and future Honda owners take control of their energy by switching to solar power. With solar on your roof, you generate your own electricity and control your energy costs for years to come.It wasn’t long before we both realized that solar energy should be as normal as having a Honda parked in the garage. There was a 44% increase in U.S. solar power between the third quarter of 2011 and 2012, but the infinite energy source of the sun still accounts for only a very small percentage of the nation’s power supply. Look out your window and you might see a lot of rooftops that could be harnessing the sun’s energy.

We will also be working with Honda to offer its network of Honda and Acura dealerships the opportunity to install solar and advance a company-wide goal of being a leading citizen in the sustainable community – all while saving money on their energy costs.

As Honda Vice President Steve Center says, “Solar is a win-win”. If you’re a current Honda owner, you can take advantage of a 10 minute consultation and learn whether or not solar power is a good fit for your home by clicking on this link.

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