Modernize Your Home with Solar

The top four states with the highest number of homebuyers include Florida, California, Texas and Arizona. It’s no coincidence that these states also happen to have more than 200 days of sun every year.

In May 2015, California’s median home price increased nearly one percent, making it the highest since November 2007. Combine high selling prices with the fact that California is a top solar state and you could be looking at a homeowner’s dream. California had enough solar power systems installed in 2014 that it could power more than a million homes.

Cost savings and environmental benefits are two reasons why solar is becoming more mainstream, but a big concern of homeowners is what the panels will look like on their homes.


An innovative look

Open an issue of Better Homes and Gardens and you’re bound to see trending articles on home efficiency, eco-friendly properties and tech-inspired upgrades. Solar, like any other technological invention, has come a long way since the first photovoltaic (PV) cell was created in 1954. Today’s panels offer next-level PV mounting technology that not only reduces installation time to less than a day, but also improves safety and aesthetics.

Solar panels can be placed on all types of surfaces. For example, homeowners with roofs made out of shingle, tile, wood and metal can still reap the benefits of going solar. Roof angles are no longer a challenge for installation teams because even if a roof is flat, inclined or steep there is a solar panel for that.

Panels are even looking different than 20 years ago. Modern solar panels blend right into the roof of your home. Some offer a low-profile design and front trims that have fewer contact points, minimizing the impact on your home. Solar panels often protect your roof from high wind, hail and heavy rain.

Added efficiency

Solar panels have also gotten more efficient with improvements made to numerous production-based materials. Copper-based electrodes replaced costly silver paste when the cost of silver increased in 2011 due to a shortage. Typical solar panels use silicon to capture sunlight, but that material can be expensive. While using plastic in conventional rooftop systems can be less effective, scientists believe they have discovered a new arrangement of solar cell ingredients. The new discovery could make low-cost solar panels more efficient, and since they are low-cost, available to even more homeowners.

Join the solar movement

If an innovative look and home efficiency don’t persuade you to switch to solar, maybe fame, fortune and Pinterest will. Solar is a home accessory, just like a new stainless steel appliance, and many homeowners are proud of their step towards going green. Celebrities including Brangelina, Johnny Depp and Julia Roberts have installed solar panels on their homes. President Obama has solar panels installed on the White House in support of various grassroots organizations. The solar community is still growing, which makes it a great time for homeowners to join the solar movement.

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