Introducing MySolarCity


Today we launched MySolarCity, an app that allows you, as a SolarCity customer, to track solar system production and home consumption, interact directly with the SolarCity community and get a smarter, more connected home.

MySolarCity’s features are also available using a demo account if you are a registered Solar Ambassador. As a Solar Ambassador, the new app gives you everything you need to educate your community on how solar works.


Know our exact time of arrival at your home.

MySystem is a real-time feature that makes it easy for you to schedule appointments online, and allows you to track the SolarCity crew as we make our way to your home, then follow our installation progress.



Real-time insights for real-time savings.

With the new app, you can now take an in-depth look at how your home consumes energy as it happens. Walk around your home, turn on your appliances and see how much each one is costing you. The more you know, the more you save. In fact, you could save 10 percent* just by using PowerGuide.


Discover where your energy is going. 

When we survey your home for installation, we also do an energy usage analysis. The results are fed into EnergyExplorer, which performs millions of calculations to forecast your home’s energy consumption. For example, you could discover you’re spending more than 20 percent of your energy bill cooling your home.

The results of this analysis are free, and give you far greater insight into how you’re using energy.


Welcome to the movement.

You’ve taken an amazing step by going solar. Now see how many others are making the world a cleaner place. NearMe is an interactive map that gives a bird’s eye view of SolarCity projects in your area. Try it wherever you find yourself.

Spread the word.mysc-ambassador-screenshot

Ambassador allows anyone in the U.S. to spread the word about the power of solar and earn rewards by referring new customers. There are educational resources as well as a leader board to see how you’re doing compared to others. More than 30,000 Solar Ambassadors have signed up since the program was launched in May.

Connect, share and be social.mysc-ampit-share

AmpIt! is a private photo-sharing app that gives solar users and our Solar Ambassadors a forum to share their stories.

Check it out now. MySolarCity is available online for all SolarCity customers and Solar Ambassadors at, and can be downloaded directly to your mobile device from Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

* The average home taking advantage of real-time energy information can save up to 10% according to an ACEEE study conducted in 2010.

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