Hello Ohio: SolarCity arrives in the Buckeye State with Twelve Walmart Projects

It’s exciting to bring solar energy to new places, and following today’s announcement of projects at twelve Walmart retail locations across Ohio, we’re thrilled to be on the ground in the Buckeye state.

The announcement finds Walmart adding to the more than 100 solar projects it has completed with SolarCity, with previous projects announced in Arizona, California, and Colorado. Last year the company took the number one ranking in the Solar Energy Industries Association’s list of the Top Commercial Solar Customers in the United States.

Robert Bowen at the Examiner captures not only the impact, but the symbolism:

A retailer with such high visibility as Walmart does a lot to convince the public that solar energy and all renewable energy makes sense—economically and for our planet.”

He also succinctly captures the value of our work in the public sector which ,like our work with Walmart, often offers the opportunity to complete dozens of projects for a single customer:

SolarCity has been active in many high profile solar projects including public/private projects with school districts, libraries, military housing, and other projects that will save the taxpayer money as well as eliminate tons of greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.”

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