A Most Influential Woman: SolarCity VP is Honored

linkedinAs readers of this blog know, we like to celebrate the talented individuals who make up our growing workforce at SolarCity.

Recently, one of our own received some outside recognition: Phuong Y. Phillips, Vice President, Deputy General Counsel and Head of Corporate Securities, was named one of the most influential women in Silicon Valley by the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

A widely read publication, the journal recognized Phuong along with 99 other highly accomplished women. It comes as no surprise to us. In 2014 Phuong received the MVP award here at SolarCity, and last fall she garnered a national honor, receiving a Law and Finance Leadership Clean Energy Education and Empowerment Award from the U.S. Department of Energy and the MIT Energy Initiative.

At SolarCity, Phuong advises senior executives and our board on an array of matters, including governance, securities compliance, SEC reporting, mergers and acquisitions, and internal and external communications, as she told the journal. By advising on our IPO, among other things, she’s helped support the company’s rapid growth from 2011 to 2014 – when we shot from 1,300 to 10,000 employees.

“As women role models in this industry, it is absolutely our obligation to mentor and support our women colleagues and nourish our youth with opportunities,” Phuong, who credits mentors, including Seth Weissman, SolarCity’s General Counsel, for her own evolution, told the journal.

The best advice she’s ever received? “My parents escaped Vietnam to provide better opportunities for my brothers and me in the late 1970s. Through their actions and advice, they taught me the value of believing in yourself and taking risks.”

Having the confidence of colleagues has helped propel her, too, Phuong tells us. “I’m so glad to be a part of the legal department at SolarCity, the members are like family to me. I’m particularly grateful for my corporate team members.”

Read more about Phuong and her thoughts on women in corporate leadership roles and other topics in the journal’s Q&A.

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