5 innovations we discovered at Dwell on Design Los Angeles


Dwell on Design, the largest design expo in the country, recently concluded its 2015 stint in Los Angeles by drawing record-breaking attendance. The three-day event featured over 400 exhibitors and 250 speakers, all casting light on current and future trends in architecture, interior design and landscaping. SolarCity attended the event this year; here are some of the most innovative products we saw at the show.

Martone Cycling, which specializes in urban commuter bikes with a retro flair, describes this colorful line as offering cycling’s first automatic gear shift system. Now, with less to think about on the way to work, you can concentrate even harder on what’s for lunch.

The 2 Feathers Tipi drew continuous crowds at an expo known for ultra modern stylings. It was crafted of tightly woven canvas by Randy Nelson, who rents out his structures for parties, weddings, book readings and more. Yes, it’s appeared at Burning Man, and no, it’s probably not optimal for solar panels, despite its strong frame.

You can never have enough plugs, right? Especially cool stackable ones with USB ports. Allocacoc, maker of the PowerCube, offers eight different sockets for use around the world and a remote to turn off that laptop or light from afar. Clap on, unplug.

California, where you might say that fake grass is gaining ground, isn’t the only state with a drought, unfortunately. Southwest Greens’ synthetic grass comes with a 10-year warranty on fading and is permeable, so rainwater has the chance to sink into the water table rather than flowing into storm drains (and eventually into the ocean).

ShapeCrete, developed by Fu-Tung Cheng, won a 2015 Dwell on Design Award for best material. Just add water to sculpt it into anything from a planter to an artwork. No oven baking or kiln firing required. We give it an energy saver award.

You don’t have to wait for the next trade fair to learn more about SolarCity. Visit our website for information on our company and offerings.

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